The movement in image III

BRASS, Centre culturel de Forest

Invitation to the collective exhibition La Grande Beuverie by Illegaal ASBL

– Screening of Adrift on the remains of a grand piano – Dirk Hendrikx and Mattew Stokes.

Live accompaniment: Patrick Evans and Marina Stanimirovic. In the presence of Dirk Hendrikx

Founding members of the artistic collective « Maquette », Mattew Stokes and Dirk Hendrikx offer us a poetic collage of filmed stages: a mixture of theatre, dance, poetry and visual arts, their meditation on the remains of a grand piano proceeds radically from the amplified madness and grace of dream. It opens up unimaginable and silent worlds, where meaning vanishes in favour of astonishment and logic gives way to organic beauty, to the fascination of time which is reversed.
It has been almost 20 years since the film was shown for the first time and it is with great pleasure that we decided to bring it back to life with a new musical proposal.