Les Printemps de Sévelin

Théâtre Sévelin 36, Lausanne

Belgium night, Film and Party | 16th March

For Les Printemps de Sévelin, the collective Coupé Décalé is invited to resonate with Lost Movements, the new performance from Marc Vanrunxt and Jan Martens.
The collective proposes a selection « back to the oldies ». Diving into the memory, movement and the archive.

With :

*Cinépoème 10, Alice de Matha – in tribute to François Demoulin –

*46bis, Pascal Baes

*La pluie, Marcel Broodthaers

*Man with mirror, Guy Sherwin

*Histoires sur Szlowieku, Bogdan Dziworski

The screening lasts approximately 40 minutes and will start directly after the performance, around 21h45.
The night will go on with :

Dj Carl (label FLEE) between Leftfield disco, NY Post-punk, Benga du Kenya and other sound adventures.

Free entrance from 21h45

All infos : https://bit.ly/2Nw2LHW